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Raj Bhattacharjee

Raj Bhattacharjee

Raj Bhattacharjee is a renowned figure in the world of Indian online gaming, known for his deep insight into the burgeoning casino industry in India. With a career spanning over a decade, Raj has established himself as a leading authority on new and emerging casino platforms, offering in-depth reviews, analysis, and expert recommendations.

Born and raised in Kolkata, Raj’s fascination with technology and gaming began at an early age. After completing his studies in computer science from a prestigious university, he quickly turned his passion for gaming into a professional pursuit. Raj began his career as a technology consultant, but his love for casino games led him to the online gaming industry, where he found his true calling.

Over the years, Raj has meticulously studied the evolution of online casinos in India, understanding the legal landscape, technological advancements, and consumer trends. His expertise lies in evaluating new casino apps and platforms, focusing on their licensing, game selection, user experience, security measures, and bonus offerings.

Raj’s contributions to our website include thorough reviews of newly launched casinos, strategic guides for players, and insightful articles on the future of online gambling in India. His work is driven by a commitment to providing honest, informed, and practical advice to both seasoned gamblers and newcomers alike.

Raj is not only respected for his professional achievements but also for his approachable manner and willingness to engage with the gaming community. Through forums, webinars, and social media, he actively shares his knowledge, updates on legal changes, and tips on responsible gaming.

As the Indian online casino landscape continues to grow, Raj Bhattacharjee remains at the forefront, guiding both players and industry stakeholders through the complexities of gambling in the digital age.

Priya Desai

Priya Desai

Priya Desai stands as a pivotal force shaping the narrative of India’s online casino industry through her impeccable skills as a copywriter and editor. With a rich background in journalism and communications, Priya has carved out a niche for herself, specializing in the vibrant world of new Indian casinos.

Hailing from Mumbai, Priya embarked on her professional journey after graduating with honors in Mass Communication from a leading Indian university. Her career began in the bustling newsrooms of local newspapers, where she honed her skills in storytelling, research, and editing. However, her personal interest in the digital revolution and gaming led her to transition into the online casino sector.

Since then, Priya has been instrumental in creating compelling content for various platforms, focusing on reviews, news, and feature articles about the latest developments in the Indian casino market. Her writing not only informs but also engages and educates readers about game strategies, legal updates, and safe gambling practices.

As the lead content creator for our site, Priya oversees the editorial direction, ensuring that all information is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to our audience’s interests. Her meticulous approach to research and her flair for writing have made our content both trustworthy and popular among readers.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Priya is passionate about advocating for responsible gambling and providing readers with the tools they need to enjoy gaming safely. She frequently collaborates with experts and industry insiders to bring fresh insights and perspectives to our platform.

Priya Desai remains a key influencer in the Indian online casino community, with her work reflecting a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the dynamic landscape of digital gambling in India.


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Priya Desai

Copywriter + Editor